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The company they founded two years ago, Flatiron Health, is going after a rather audacious goal: shaking up the health care world. Turner and Weinberg hope to collect and analyze mountains of clinical data to make inroads into one of medicine’s most complex, research-dependent, and difficult fields: cancer care. Their second venture, Invite Media, which they started during their junior year at Penn, used big-data techniques to make digital marketing more effective.

Never mind that the pair, who studied economics and entrepreneurship at the Wharton School, didn’t have time for as much as a biology class. They were so successful that Google, which is both the godfather of big-data computing and the world’s largest digital advertising company, scooped up Invite for more than million in 2010.

Their budding tech company is not your typical social network, photo sharing app, or dating site.

You’d spend the night agonising how the meet had gone, and wondering whether they’d call.

"But that's not all about Cassandra's secret past…"! It came complete with staged jail phone calls and pointless but camera-friendly hollering outside the prison walls – juxtaposed with a second story reported from Sydney.

In this back-after-the-break knees-up, the harbour city's allegedly long-dead nightlife was given an alleged new lease on life: "This is Australia's party strip, the notorious Kings Cross in Sydney's eastern suburbs".

Regional Australia is enjoying online dating more than ever.

Around 40 percent of users of Australia’s most used online dating site, RSVP, are logging on from regional areas in search of that one special person.

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