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Cause I can put you on there if you come back to my place. it seems you know how to turn my software to hardware. Don't worry honey, they call it my dual-channel RAM.If I was an operating system, your process would have top priority.For example, if your email address is: [email protected] [email protected] your username is username_xyz.And your password is your current Grande email password. I wanna RAM this RAW Hard Disk up your Megahertz'd Computer. Do you have a wifi password cause i'd love to connect to you!If I were an operating system, your process would be real-time priority. Baby, you make my floppy disk turn into a hard drive You still use Internet Explorer, you must like it nice and slow Oh you still like Laptops, the you can put yo lap on top of my dick You turn my floppy disk in to a hard drive Do you like the internet?For security reasons it is best to use different usernames and passwords. If you forgot your password please Click Hereor go to reset your password.

Springer complained, but months later the same thing happened again.I seem to be missing something here and would appreciate it if someone would be able to point me in the correct direction to get this working.An anonymous reader writes: Eric Springer describes his recent troubles with Amazon to highlight one of the biggest weak points in information security: customer service.I am in the process of closing my Amazon account, and migrating as much to Google services which seem significantly more robust at stopping these attacks." Springer's advice for fixing this: " The only exception to this would be if the user forgot the password, and there should be a very strict policy." He also says email services should make aliases easier, and whois protection should be default.Season’s greetings to all security conscious website owners!

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