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Michael, Blake and Nellie all kind of sink into the background. Then the group finds out they will be channeling pop icons in their music video for the week, which is to the Pussycat Dolls‘ “When I Grow up.”Nellie doesn’t like that she has to be Britney Spears because she thinks there are “less bold choices that would fit a little better.” I instantly cringe when she complains because if you’re on , that’s for sure! Abraham says he was teased for being feminine so he doesn’t want to embrace that andro appeal he so clearly has. She pulls it off much better than Ali does Katy Perry or even Nellie in her Britney braids and school girl uniform.

I fear Nellie is on the same path she’s been for the last few weeks, seen as not wanting it enough because she acts like she’s so put out by what she has to do to get the job. (I had to.)At choregoraphy time with Zach, Lily thinks Cyndi Lauper dance moves are going to be hard. Lily needs to watch some classic music videos immediately. When they get into the studio, Abraham breaks down when Nikki asks if he sees himself as androgynous when he performs. Surprisingly, Blake looks a lot like his Boy George, which is probably because, as he tells the camera, “I’m not going to go to the stereotypical way of playing a gay man.

She couldn't help but feel surprised as she saw Shanna staring at her with longing in her eyes." Shanna has a crush on Aylin, but When her Grandma's rejection leaves her vulnerable, will Aylin be there for her? Shaylin Mention of Brittana One Chapter Fan Fiction with Damian Mc Ginty.

Music Video: It was Jessie J‘s ‘Price Tag,’ but the hopefuls were not told in advance what song they would be singing until they got to the studio.

Also, they would not learn choreography until they were on set, day of.

The producers really took this adaptability theme to the nth degree. broke kids.” Aylin, Shanna and Michael were the standouts.

Si può ancora amare una persona dopo essere stati lontani per tanti anni?

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