Dating stanley spokeshaves

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Inspired by some threads on the old tools list, and the many times I have wanted to refer to a list of old spokeshaves, I have decided to put together a list of various old models out and about.

.0056 Wdw .0056 Single Crystal Diamonds Produce Drawn Wire With Superior Surface Conditions And The Ability To Maintain Very Tight Diameter Tolerances.The covers are gray and rather industrial looking, while pages inside are filled with business-like black-and-white photos.Lacking in these black-and-white images, of course, are the rich brown hues and textures of the actual wood.Though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating Stanley planes, Record hand planes did have their differences over a 70 year history and some of them are listed here.e Bay Marketplace Page A quick list on what is being offered on e Bay right now.

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