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Tor’s network, referred to as the “underweb” in popular discussion, is a strange entity.It exists beneath the sanitized experiences of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.It exists down deep, in a walled-off web threaded with secure communication routes and populated with political dissidents, spies, and ne’er-do-wells.The underweb has its own dark version of Wikipedia, too, called the Hidden Wiki, which looks a lot like the Wikipedia you know, except that it’s full of links to pedophile torrent directories, self-professed “hitmen,” endless stolen credit card numbers, archives of bestiality pictures, and drug delivery services.tuthelens/Debit cards and credit cards may look the same, but there's a major difference.If you spot unauthorized charges on your credit card bill, you can alert the company, decline the charges and not pay the bill, keeping your money safe.

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Over the past six months or so, a huge amount of attention has been paid to government snooping, and the bulk collection and storage of vast amounts of raw data in the name of national security.Steve Kroft: Are people putting this together and making dossiers? But it's certainly in the thousands, and would include research firms, all sorts of Internet companies, advertisers, retailers and trade associations. A Connecticut data broker called "Statlistics" advertises lists of gay and lesbian adults and "Response Solutions" -- people suffering from bipolar disorder.The largest data broker is Acxiom, a marketing giant that brags it has, on average, 1,500 pieces of information on more than 200 million Americans. "Paramount Lists" operates out of this building in Erie, Pa., and offers lists of people with alcohol, sexual and gambling addictions and people desperate to get out of debt.Skimming is a method of capturing a bank customer's card information by running it through a machine that reads the card's magnetic strip.Those machines are often placed over the real card slots at ATMs and other card terminals.

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