Quietю юэ chat java

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You will be pleasantly surprised by the abilities of this chat.

When multiple clients connect to one server, we have a simple chat system.

Let us understand the process with the help of the Java Script code.

It makes a socket connection and then opens a window with a large output region and a small input region.

Figure 1: Example result After the user type’s text into the input region and hits Return, the text is transmitted to the server.

Nor did it show off the simplicity of RMI communication or the elegance of RMI callbacks (where the servlet can invoke methods of the applet).

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I read couple of threads on this side, where people said, that I should run new thread on server for every single connected client. Still, Server is printing messages from every client on its console but clients can see only messages they wrote, not every message submitted on chat. Here is code: Server: //package javauj.serwer; import The key part of the client side is to establish a Web Socket connection: So we are done right?We have a working chat room - let's deploy it and we'll be the next google gchat!!The daytime server example from the last section demonstrated the nuts and bolts of using each of the three communication techniques for applet-servlet communication.It didn't take advantage, though, of the persistence gains when using socket communication.

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