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He never had a girlfriend and suffered parental pressure to find a wife, so in a “fit of anger” married Yingying.

Yingying’s AI abilities including a limited capacity to communicate, via a computer, and recognise images, graphics and text.

Click through to see how the company is working to make them a reality.

Check out our in-depth feature about these Real Dolls and how they will shape our lives.

Many of us say we have relationships with our dogs, and some—still—with our childhood teddy-bear.

Some might claim to have a relationship with their car.

Soon, you'll be able to purchase a Real Doll with an animatronic head that talks, moves and blinks.

You'll also be able to program its personality to your liking, and get to know it through regular conversation.

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Mr Zheng dressed his creation, called Yingying, in a traditional wedding outfit for the ceremony in Dream Town, a hub for internet start-ups in the Future Technology City suburb of Hangzhou, in eastern China.

And others, although they might not admit it publicly, feel they have some sort of relationship with their sex-doll. Can we really have relationships with non-human beings? Computerised chat-bots, such as the “personal assistants” Siri (from Apple’s i Phone) and Cortana (from Microsoft), already exist which can remember many of their owner’s likes and dislikes, and respond helpfully to their questions, recognising their individual voice and accent.

The silky computer-seal, Paro, can’t use language (yet), but it can make affecting eye-contact with the person cuddling it, and appears to enjoy being stroked.

Warning: This gallery contains images of naked sex dolls. Abyss Creations has been making and selling hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls for more than 20 years, but its newest push involves bringing the dolls to life using animatronics, sensor tech and artificial intelligence that gives the dolls programmable personalities.

We traveled to San Marcos, California, to see these new sexbots and to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the company's headquarters.

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