The hook up walkthrough dating justin

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It should be something like, "Justin said something about an exhibit here." 3* Matthew should have told you to go talk to Dylan. Once again, find the choice that asks about Justin. " Matthew will then give you some more information. 10* Now go to SK8 HARD and talk to Justin, and he'll mention being scared of getting sick again. After the call, he tells you everything will be alright and he mentions about a skate tournament.

Scroll all the way down in your choices of what to say and choose the bottom one. 8* Go to your house and wait until the text message thing pops up again. It should be from Justin telling you to meet him at the park the next day at 10 in the morning. 9* Go to the park at the time above and Justin will say, "Sorry, I keep messing up my move, let me try again," or something like that. You must be my good luck charm." He'll kiss you on the cheek and you'll have an IC with Claire.

you can have the tour thingy with sarah but you dont really need to 2. No one else- otherwise you might mess up your chance with justin.Years before, when Nate (Britain Dalton) is living in the St.Francis orphanage, he's visited by Sam (Chase Austin), who was kicked out for criminal activities.When you talk to people and a topic about Justin comes up, click on that.Your goal is to create an army of 100 points and send that army into battle against other 100 point armies. This is a fair fight and the winner can only be determined by who has the most skill.

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