Websense reporter updating activex objects

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Refer to sk97876.01400226,01399995,01400636,01417154,01401303,01400439,01400003,01400042,01401879,01384130,01417966,01417401,01412347,01418494,01402060,01400443,01400606,01400044,01400624,01382860,01400018,01400441,01423125When malformed DHCP relay packet arrives, Security Gateway drops this packet and stops the connection.But then the next NOT malformed packet that arrives is also dropped on the same connection. When ARP reply packets received by the Active member are forwarded to other members on non-Gaia gateways, connectivity issues may arise on some Layer 3 devices connected to the cluster, for example on Cisco ACE load balancer.The Notice to Constituents provides information you should read to obtain a good understanding of the Codification history, content, structure, and future consequences.

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Microsoft uses Active X on its Security Updates page.

If a link to a FASB site does not work , go to the new FASB link and search for the document.

The FASB home page is at Warning 2: In February 2008 the FASB for the first time allowed users free access to its "FASB Accounting Standards Codification" database.

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